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Champions - Northeast Lincoln Pastors


The Heart of a Champion Program -

designed to help people who aren't where they want to be in life, will be offered by The Northeast Lincoln Pastors Group on Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m., beginning on February 21. Sessions will be held at First Mennonite Church, 7300 Holdrege St.

"Champions" is for those who have hit a "rough patch," feel lost, or simply aren't living up to their potential. It offers a long-term approach to what are often long-term problems. Participants attend a weekly class designed to teach key skills necessary to achieve their full potential. With the help of a mentor, they work to build a more successful life.

Detailed information on the program is available at www.heartofachampion.net.

Piper, one of the first participants in Lincoln, talks about her experience in this 90-second video.



Those who might benefit from learning key skills to improve their lives are invited to a fast-paced informational session led by Bob Bauerle, a leading Champions Trainer, on February 21. Bauerle says "The program addresses all dimensions of life: spiritual, social, family, financial, career, mental, and physical. Each person develops a purpose, mission, and vision in life while pursuing their desired career field."

Those who wish to continue with the program are asked to pay a fee of only $20 for the entire 21 weeks of the program. A grant from Christ for the City International covers materials and other expenses.


mentorMentors Needed -

Volunteers are needed to coach participants, offering encouragement, nurture, and accountability. Mentors make a tremendous difference in the lives of participants and are a key element in the success of the program. They regularly report a sense of deep satisfaction as well as personal growth. Those who might be interested in mentoring are invited to the February 21 informational session.

Watch Connie's story and see the difference a mentor can make in one person's life (5 min.).


Invite Someone -

Experience shows that those who most need Heart of a Champion are unlikely to attend without the caring encouragement of someone in their life, a friend, pastor, or family member. Consider inviting someone to participate in this life-changing course.


Interested? -

To register, volunteer, or get more information, call David Orr 402-467-1526 or email david<AT>fmclincoln<D0T>org.


Northeast Lincoln Pastors Group is an association of pastors from churches in Northeast Lincoln that meet together monthly for fellowship, exchange of information, and service.

First Mennonite Church, 7300 Holdrege, Lincoln, NE 68505 (402)467-1526